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The Synapse Engineering R35 GTR Intake Kit is designed with headroom for high horsepower applications. For those that are merely looking for bolt-on performance, we have designed a purpose built tapered venturi insert to maintain the signaling that the factory ECU needs in order to have a smooth operating range. We've not only had thousands of road miles on this design to verify the validity, but also have thousands of track miles behind it in all weather conditions. This design is currently being run on the Fontana Nissan showroom stock car in the Redline Time Attack series. The results have been verified on multiple GTRs on and off the track. For those that look to make some serious power down the road, simply remove the inserts and have your tuner re-scale for the much larger MAF cross section.

Synapse Engineering Nissan R35 GTR Air Intake Kit

SKU: AIK001001
$899.99 Regular Price
$890.99Sale Price
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