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PasswordJDM Carbon Fiber Ram Air Induction Snorkels For Nissan GTR (R35)
t’s a known fact, that engines will make more power if you can somehow draw in colder outside air. This is exactly what the PWJDM Ram Air Induction Snorkel was designed to do. Ram Air induction Snorkels are nothing new… they have been utilized in professional racing for the last 30 or so years in almost every series from LM to F1. Looking to professional racing for inspiration, PWJDM even recruited a few master fabricators from professional racing… their main purpose was to design and produce Ram Air Induction Snorkels for a few of the most successful racing teams here on the west coast… now, they are an integral part of the R&D and production team here at PWJDM.

By directly feeding colder outside air into your stock airbox, the PWJDM Ram Air Induction Snorkel will do wonders for your GT-R. At increased speeds, it maintains positive pressure in front of the filter… ramming as much colder air into your intake

Nissan GTR (R35) Carbon Fiber Ram Air

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