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Exteme Turbo Downpipes are one of the highest flowing downpipes on the market with no restrictions.  Most of our competitors downpipes use stamped 1/8" or 3/8" flange material which warp under high temperatures while our downpipes are constructed of 304 stainless steel and 1/2" flanges to prevent warpage and maintain a perfectly smooth surface.  Downpipes can provide a noticeable gain in horsepower ranging from 50hp on stock turbochagers to over 100whp on upgrade turbochargers.  It's important to note that downpipes will increase the sound of your exhaust since we removing the restrictive catalyitic converter from the system.  These downpipes add a nice throaty sound under WOT and maintain a nice idle that fits the GT-R perfectly!

Recently AWD Motorsports ran a first ever 9 sec pass (In Flordia @ 82% Humidity) on stock turbochargers using our full line of GT-R bolt on's.  This car was tuned by the guys over at Ivey Technologies.  Our modifications on this vehicles are ETS Downpipes,

ETS Nissan GT-R Downpipes

$799.89 Regular Price
$783.89Sale Price
  • Dyno video CLICK HERE TO WATCH!!!!

    • Increased Horsepower and Torque
    • Improved Turbocharger Spool, throttle response and transient response.
    • Deeper exhaust note
    • Stock Fitment (Bolts up to factory mid pipe and most aftermarket mid pipes that use factory locations)
    • Hand Tig Welded
    • Brushed Finish
    • 1/2" Thick Flanges
    • 304 Stainless Steel
    • Factory Mounting Locations
    • ETS Lifetime Warrant
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