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Driftworks S Chassis Knuckles starting 150.00

SKU: S13,S14,S15RaceKnuck
  • Now featuring the brand new BZ electrostatic coating for added protection and durability, Geomasters are used on competiton level cars all over the world: D1 Japan, Formula D USA, FD Asia, BDC UK, JDM Europe..

    £100 discount when purchased as a complete package! Now available in Nissan Skyline flavour too!

    DRIFTWORKS INFO VIDEO <<Click here  to watch the video



    Built from scratch in the UK, The complete Geomaster kit provides insane steering angle, no over centre issues (where your steering gets stuck on full lock), quicker steering, 50mm of roll centre correction, and massively improves dynamic alignment ranges meaning superior traction and better tyre wear when set up correctly. Step away from the dodgy chopped up standard knuckles and move on to the world of geometric perfection that is the GEOMASTER!



  • What are these?

    These are a custom made set of hubs (or knuckles) with completely different geometry settings from standard.
    You will receive a set of 4 Hub Knuckles with Polyurethane bushes already installed.

    What will they do for me?

    Roll Centre Correction! Fitting the Driftworks Geo Master Knuckles lowers the car by 45mm front and 50mm rear without changing any other parts, keeping all the suspension arms at the correct geometry and keeping full suspension travel. This corrected roll centre means that lowering your car no longer ruins the 'in travel' alignment or overall feeling of the car. Handling benefits are night and day compared to your normal 'slammed' track car, specifically traction is notably improved over a traditionally lowered car. This is proven in practise by the Driftworks S15 Silvia, that has over 700bhp and using Geomaster2 knuckles struggles to break traction at times.

    Huge Steering Angle! Although these hubs are just as suitable for a track car as a drift car, when fitting them to a drift car they do have the added benefit of increasing your potential steering lock dramatically. Again using the Driftworks S15 as an example, with the Geomaster2 knuckles and offset rack spacers it has enough steering lock for full on backwards entries.

    Driftworks Offset Rack Spacers! A simple way to overcome the old problem of the steering going over-centre when running with lots of steering lock. With aftermarket knuckles such as our own Geomaster Hub Knuckles this problem is further exaggerated! Normally, you would have to relocate your steering rack to overcome it and gain access to more steering lock, but now you can just buy bolt on parts!

    Important notes. PLEASE READ!

    Regarding track rods: Because of the geometry changes on the hubs, the standard and aftermarket track rods are aproximately 20mm too short.. To solve this you can purchase the optional Driftworks Rack Spacers. Which also have the added benefit of changing the point that the steering goes 'over centre' therefore giving you even more steering lock. Alternatively you can make your own solution to solve the need for longer track rods or ends.

    Regarding fitment

    This product is designed for Nissan 200sx/Silvia S14 and S15. Due to the drop given we recommend 18" wheels.

    It is possible to fit to an S13 with the information below:

    It is recommended that you only fit this product with Driftworks Control System Coilovers, and a Driftworks four arm alignment kit! We cannot guarantee fitment with different brand coilover systems & suspension arms. We also recommend 18" wheels.

    Although it is a bolt on solution, it can limit other components, for instance you may find your coilover is not capable of going high enough. You may find you have clearance issues with tension rods due to the incredible amount of steering lock the hubs can acheive. All of this we have experience with, and we can help you with if you are using the full Driftworks kit.

    There is no provision for ABS. This is a track only product.

    To fit to an S13:
    Only a 5 stud wheel bearing will fit the front spindle. To fit them to an S13 you will need a 5 stud front wheel bearing from an S14 or S15 (only).
    To fit the fronts to an S13 you will also need to drill the holes out in the bottom bracket of your coilover to 14mm, and use 14mm bolts from an S14/15 with some washers, as the diameter of the hub where the coilover mounts is slightly slimmer on the S14. You will also need S14 fitment front lower arm balljoints, we sell these in the shop.

    To fit the rears to an S13 and retain the drum handbrake, we have included the necessary holes in the back plate. Some brake components will need swapping from the left to the right side to work, and other minor modification may be required.



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